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Foshan Anya Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of oral dental treatment machines. The company has rich production experience and strong technical strength. Since its inception, always adhere to the "quality of a brand, innovation and development" concept implemented in product development and production among the adhering to the "humane" purposes, the spirit of excellence strive to meet the customer's greatest demand!

The Company is based on a high reputation based and has a group of experienced management and marketing staff and research teams, all products are in strict accordance with the national medical equipment industry standards and design and manufacturing, we have the leading technology and improve the quality control system. The company has passed ISO-9001-2000, ISO-13485-2003 quality management system certification, as well as the European CE certification

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Companies with leading technology, advanced research.

Improve the service for backing, with the spirit of innovation.

Constantly improve the attitude of continuous improvement of product quality.


Expert analysis: how to properly care for the teeth

Periodontitis is the most devastating disease in human oral cavity. However, due to the slow progress of these two conditions, it will not threaten people's lives for a moment, so it is often not taken seriously. In fact, this disease is very harmful, causing serious loss of the chewing function. So how to protect the teeth? Here to talk about my suggestions.

Expert analysis: how to properly care for the teeth

Morning and evening brushing teeth is important, but the best time is within 3 minutes after each meal. Because within 3 minutes after a meal, the bacteria in the mouth begin to break down the acidic substances in the food residue, brushing teeth for a long time or brushing teeth will not make the teeth cleaner.

Expert analysis: how to properly care for the teeth

People never stop chasing healthy white teeth. A recent study shows that bright-tooth people can be smarter, more successful, and even live longer. Healthy teeth make you look more confident and laugh more. Dental health protection has great benefits, the following for everyone to introduce a dental plan.